Cambridge Movers

Cambridge English: Movers, also known as Young Learners English: Movers, isthe next step in a child’s language learning journey, after taking Cambridge English: Starters. It is a great way to help children build on their language skills andmake further progress in English.


1. Improve Children’s English one step at a time.

Cambridge English: Movers is aimed at children in primary and lower secondary education, and is designed to help develop confidence in English as children build on their language skills.

Cambridge English: Movers is the second of the three Cambridge English: Young Learners tests. As children gain in confidence and ability, they can continue toimprove their English step by step, by moving on to Cambridge English: Flyersor Cambridge English: Key for Schools.

2. Give children the confidence they need in English

Cambridge English: Movers is designed to motivate children and give them lots of confidence to use their English. The test:

  • is based on familiar topics and situations
  • develops the skills they need to communicate in English.

As children develop in confidence, they will be motivated to learn more Englishand use it at a higher level.

What level is Cambridge English: Movers?

The Cambridge English: Movers test is set at Level A1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). At this level, you can expect a child to:

  • understand basic instructions or take part in a basic factual conversation on a predictable topic
  • understand basic notices, instructions or information
  • complete basic forms and write notes, including times, dates and places.

The test covers all four language skills – listening, speaking, and reading and writing.

3. Open up a world f possibilities

Cambridge English: Movers is the second step towards learning practical, real-life English language skills that will help children:

  • use the internet and other media in English
  • enjoy books, songs, television and films in English
  • make friends globally
  • use English as the common international language
  • get ready for future study and work success.

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