Cambridge Starter

Cambridge English: Starters, also known as Young Learners English: Starters, isthe start of a child’s language learning journey. The test introduces them to everyday written and spoken English in a fun and motivating way.

1.Improve Children’s English one step at a time.

Cambridge English: Starters is aimed at children in primary and lower secondary education and is designed to help them build their confidence when they are just starting to learn English.

Cambridge English: Starters is the first of the Cambridge English: Young Learners tests. Children can improve their English step by step, by moving from Starters to Movers and to Flyers.

2. Give Children the Confidence they need in English

Cambridge English: Starters is designed to motivate children and give them lots of confidence to use their English. The test:

  • is based on familiar topics and situations
  • develops the skills they need to communicate in English.

As children develop in confidence, they will be motivated to learn more Englishand use it at a more challenging level.

3. Open up a world of possibilities

Cambridge English: Starters is the first step towards learning practical, real-life English language skills that will help children:

  • use the internet and other media in English
  • enjoy books, songs, television and films in English
  • make friends globally
  • use English as the common international language
  • get ready for future study and work success.

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