Blackadder & Hugh Laurie

Watch the video and answer the questions.

I. Find the meaning of the underlined word.

1. You look smart.

A) clever       B) quick         C) stylish

II. Which sentence has the same verb meaning as in the sentence below.

2. He doesn’t realise it’s made up.

A) She wears a lot of make-up.

B) Organizational ability is not one of the most obvious parts of his make-up.

C) We’re hoping to make up time on the return journey by not stopping at night.

D) I made up an excuse about having to look after the kids.

III. Rewrite the sentence below with the word given.

1. Blackadder:  I suggest that I write brilliant speech. (suggested)

Blackadder _________________________________________

IV. Fill in the blanks with the words below.

You – aroused – he – anarchist – must

Prince George: I 1 __________ say, Blackadder,  that was a close shave. Why would an 2__________ possibly want to kill you?

Blackadder: Actually, I think it’s 3________   4_______ was trying to kill, sir.

Prince George: Oh hogwash. How could you possibly think that?

Blackadder: Well my suspicions were first 5_________ by his use of the words “death to the stupid prince”.

P.Feltham 🙂


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